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More recent FO’s

Here's some eye candy for ya:  a few FO's! Sari Silk bag:  this was knit from some recycled-sari silk yarn, although at this point I'm not sure exactly which manufacturer.  This major FO accomplishment started life as "Unbiased", a bag pattern from Knitty, Fall 2004. Unfortunately, mine was biased.  When I sewed the pieces together,…

Another FO??

Be on the lookout for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! (If you don’t know how long this UFO has been around, read this.)

Third Time’s A Charm!

If you think waaaaay back, you might remember a few issues I had while trying to make some felted slippers for myself. Of course, these were not just your garden variety felted slippers.  No, I had to make it harder than that.  My goal was to replicate my dearly beloved, but quite elderly, pink furry bunny slippers:  Hip and Hop. I had…