Polar Bear Patterns is my line of original knitting patterns. I started writing patterns in order to have something to teach from, and found that I really enjoyed the pattern-writing process. Currently I have 20-some patterns that cover everything from socks, hats and wraps, to felted snowmen and moebius scarves (and mine has an easier cast-on than Cat Bordhi's, if I say it myself).

One of the things I have been rigorous about in developing my patterns is that I have kept them non-yarn-specific: in other words, I don't specify a brand of yarn to use. Instead, I give yarn types & quantities: partly so you can use anything you have that is suitable, but also to encourage you to be creative in your project choices. I get the heebie-jeebies when I see someone knitting something exactly the way it looks in the picture!

My eventual goal is to have an online store with each and every Polar Bear Pattern available for instant download from my site at www.polarbearpatterns.com To that end, I am continuing to search for a good, dependable shopping cart application, that works well and securely for downloadable products.  If you know of one, feel free to recommend it to me — if I end up using it, I'll provide a set of free patterns to you.

As of right now, though, there is no single source for all Polar Bear Patterns.

Polar Bear Patterns are available from these places:


  • Half-a-dozen Polar Bear Patterns are available for purchase and instant download from Ravelry.com — click here to see them.
  • Selected Polar Bear Patterns are available in hardcopy from local stores Knitting Bee (near Tanasbourne) and For Yarn's Sake (in Beaverton).
  • shells and waves sockThe "Shells and Waves" sock is the latest in For Yarn's Sake's sock club series, and is my very newest design (although it is not in the Polar Bear line). It is top-down with a short-row heel — and for those knitters who find this type of heel is not big enough, this pattern also contains a clever strategy of my own "unvention" that can be adapted to create a more roomy SR heel on any sock!