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Three Holiday Dec Ideas

As l022_Baublesong as we're on the subject of knitting for the holidays — if you have some spare time and spare yarn, here's some cuties for you.  All these are my original designs, and newly available on Ravelry.

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Three Holiday Gift Ideas

There are only 27 knitting days 'til Christmas!  So I have three ideas for quick knitted gifts for you.  And to really mix up the metaphors, I have something old, something new, and something borrowed.

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Champagne, Anyone?

drumroll please…  Et voil√†!  I can now unveil pictures of my latest sock design.

While you may have sipped champagne while you knit, I bet you haven’t ever knitted champagne glasses, in a veritable champagne fountain — complete with little bubbles!

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New Sock Club Design

I’ve said it before, but — it’s so hard to write on your knitting blog, when you can’t blog about what it is you are knitting.Champagne Sock

But now I can reveal that soon,  the next installment in the sock club by “For Yarn’s Sake” will be released, with this month’s design by yours truly!  The theme is “Champagne & Roses” and you will have a whole month to get your socks done in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Wonder of Wonders

OK, short version (because I want to get back to knitting) — but I can't resist sharing this, either.

Friend in New Zealand has found out her breast cancer has come back.  Sucks incredibly.  Is going through chemo, and asked if I would knit her some hats.

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Classes in August

Good heavens, where did July go?  It’s time to post info about upcoming classes in August and September!

Knitting Bee

We have a few things on the list:  a couple of old faves and one brand-new one!  Call Knitting Bee at 503.439.3316 if you’re interested!

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Sock Design 101: Part 3

Oh, hi. You got that basketweave sock done all the way to the heel then?  Not quite?  OK, good, we’ll "pick up" where we left off.  (ha, ha, little knitting humor there.  Very little.)

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News Flashes

Well, life has been happening with a vengeance around our house the past few days.  So you’ll have to forgive me for just throwing out a couple of updates here.

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“Rite of Spring” Sock (for FF Lace Club)

OK, you got a peek at the toe a couple of weeks ago — now here’s the rest of it!  

rite of spring lace sock

I said you wouldn’t get bored halfway through, now didn’t I?

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sneek pink — I mean, peek

OK, so obviously I am a sucker for pink.  And being a redhead, this can be problematic — although I am starting to see more and more hairs that are, shall we say, colorless — so maybe this issue will resolve itself in time.  (My hairdresser refers to them as "platinum highlights", BTW.  Talk about spin!)

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For Breakfast In Bed

It’s kind of a long story, but what the heck — you’ve got some time to kill, right?  I’ll valiantly try to keep it short.Joan Crawford Knitting

A decade ago, plus or minus, my brother and I were back in Iowa, helping my mom as she attempted to continue living in her apartment.  As part of the job, we went out to get her some new housewares.  And on the way back to the apartment, we stopped at an estate sale.

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Vine Leaf Socks

Ahhhhhh — finally, I can sit back, relax and blog a little bit.  And it’s great that I can now write about something that’s recently been taking a lot of my time.

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UFOlympics! the first event

Ummm… I have good news, and bad news.

First, the good news:  UFO #0, Brioche st hat:  FINISHED 07/07/08.

Final time (offical Swiss, of course):  2 days.

The crowd goes wild!

Yarn:  Manos del Uruguay silk & wool.
Pattern:  my own Polar Bear Pattern.
Shameless plug:  this is a sample for a class I’ll teach at the Knitting Bee in Sept. 

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Twisted 3-st Cables, the Japanese Way

So, flipping through a Japanese knitting book of pattern stitches one day, I came across a twisted rib and cable pattern that I thought would make a VERY handsome sock for DH…which it did.

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Kenkyo Socks

OK, once again my lack of recent blogging is due to me having to work on other stuff.  (Lately I’ve really been forced to admit there are only so many hours in a given day, or week.  And some of them are required for sleeping, or else I get even more really cranky.) kenkyo sock But big news today!

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