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One more knitter needed – Garden Home Spring knitting class starts next week!

We need one more knitter by Wednesday, which is the start of the spring knitting class over at GH Rec Center.  It's a free-form class — there isn't a specific agenda.  You can learn to knit from the very beginning, or you can bring any project you're working on, and get guidance if and when you need it.  Here is the official description, although I think there's more to it than this:

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Use the Damn Saw, Already

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Pop quiz:  What do "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", Terry Pratchett and the New York Times all have in common?

I'm pretty sure you didn't guess this:  a knitting epiphany.

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Other Knitting Superstitions

I was listening to an audiobook today that involves the theater, and was surprised to hear a character declare that “knitting on stage is bad luck”.

Having at least 50% of the qualification, and never having heard of this one — of course, I had to look into it.  And yes, I found several websites that insist that knitting on-stage — or near the stage, or to the side of the stage — is definitely bad luck — even at rehearsals!

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“Teach someone to knit.”

A long, long time ago — we're talking at least a couple of decades — I started one of those lists that are now often called "bucket" lists — you know, things you want to do before you "kick the bucket".  (Only at the time I did mine, the list was titled "50 Things to Do Before You Die", which is a little more direct and a lot more specific.)

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Fighting A Losing Battle?

The interwebs is a fascinating and amazing time-waster, especially on cleaning day…

Don't ask how I got there, but today I found myself reading this psychology paper from UIUC.  It had a description of an interesting set of psychological experiments wherein college students were "primed" with certain social concepts, such as politeness or rudeness, and their subsequent actions were analyzed to see if the priming had any effect.

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We’re So Misunderstood

How wrong can one news story be?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Here's some tidbits from a Daily Mail article just out:

If someone told you knitting was making a comeback you would probably accuse them of spinning you a yarn.

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Turn Off the TV and Knit!

Found an article on BBC News from a few months ago that tells the outcome of a recent US study on dementia.  And the results are quite encouraging for us knitters!

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What Has Gotten Into Me?

This week, I finished off four — count ‘em, four — UFO’s in the stack.  Not only that, I have a good shot at finishing off a fifth.

I’m as shocked as you are.  Probably more so.

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Bah, Humbug!

I took a look over at Knitting Daily today and found the holidays staring me in the face.  But in a kinda good way!

The Question o’ the Day over there is, "What are you knitting for holiday gifts?" and it seems that for many of us, the answer is, "Nothing."  I’m firmly aligned with Sandi Wiseheart – and from the comments, several other knitters too – NO holiday knitting!

Some mention their knitted gifts being unappreciated in the past.  This is always an issue.  I forget what year it was that I became absolutely incensed to hear that supposedly, the "fruitcake" has been supplanted as the classic Most Dreaded Holiday Gift by a "hand-knit sweater".

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Not (Exactly) Knitting

Out of the blue, my DH sent me an email this morning:  

"Our friends at the Art Institute of Portland are having an Open House on Saturday (9.13) afternoon starting at 11am until 2pm. Their mission is to help you develop your artistic ideas into abilities and your passion into a creative career. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree with a major in 1 of 16 creative programs AND…you can even minor in sustainability! To get you started on your way to being the next Art Institute of Portland student click here and tell us what design means to you for a chance to win a $1000 scholarship! Don’t forget to swing by the Open House on Saturday for a tour, chat with instructors and check out the life of an Art Institute of Portland student." 

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In the Mood

Over at the [Knitting Daily->] blog, they’ve been discussing the design process used by Michelle Rose Orne in her book, Inspired to Knit.  I haven’t gotten the book yet, but Michelle’s description of her design process intrigues me:

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The Attraction of Tangles

What is it exactly about a tangled mass of yarn that makes everyone itch to get their hands on it and start untangling?

Well, maybe not everyone.  Usually, the person whose yarn it is has had it up to wherever with the tangles.

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Of Course You Can!

A little while ago, y’all learned not to ask me a certain question:


What should I knit?

And since I didn’t explain in that post what the second-question-I-won’t-answer was, now nobody will talk to me.  So, I guess I’d better clear this up today.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

There are two knitting questions that I get asked on a regular basis which I will not answer.  Just don’t even try.

Not that I don’t know the answer, or I don’t have an opinion.  It’s just that I have found that giving an answer usually leads me into more trouble.

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Tess’ Top Ten List of Basic Knitting Advice

This weekend, I taught a class on "Fixing Mistakes," and was gratified to see several new-ish and/or returning knitters becoming much more confident about their knitting abilities.  I truly find that rewarding — as you may have gathered, knitting has been a passion of mine for over 20 years, and I love to expand other knitters’ horizons.

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