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Public Safety Announcement

A hilarious little knitting-related video, but with an important safety message too:  Be careful not to let your hands catch on fire, pls!



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Gus is Ready for Sunday!

So my sister — who, as you may know, is primarily responsible for starting my knitting career — lives in Chicago — where, as you may also know, they got completely socked in by snow yesterday.

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Other Knitting Superstitions

I was listening to an audiobook today that involves the theater, and was surprised to hear a character declare that “knitting on stage is bad luck”.

Having at least 50% of the qualification, and never having heard of this one — of course, I had to look into it.  And yes, I found several websites that insist that knitting on-stage — or near the stage, or to the side of the stage — is definitely bad luck — even at rehearsals!

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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You…

The other day I got an email from an old college friend.  This guy is pretty much on the cutting edge of technology, and I have an idea that he finds my career change from "engineer" to "knitting teacher" pretty much unfathomable, and probably a little unsettling.

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Just for Fun

It’s billed as "Extreme Sheep LED Art".

It’s supposed to be a promotion for Samsung’s LED TV’s, although the connection seems tenuous to me.

The video’s creators (The Baaa-Studs) say, "We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts."

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The Sheep Albedo Hypothesis

Who knew global warming was being caused by sheep?

(I wish I could say I’d written this, but I didn’t.  This post is greatly condensed from the original post at  But, the pictures of authentic NZ sheep are mine.)

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The Coolest Street in New Zealand

coolest street in new zealand

Located in Martinsborough, on the North Island.


He Knows Too Much

Saturday afternoon:  DH and I are running some errands together, so he is driving and I am knitting.  He turns into the Home Depot parking lot, finds a spot, switches off the engine.  Usually he walks around the back of the vehicle, and meets me there — but this time he stayed in his seat, waiting for me to finish.

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I Just Want You to Know, I Had Big Plans

This post was originally going to be poignant, touching and funny.  Everything you always wanted in a knitting blog post.

Alas, due to the machinations of big business, my original vision has been forced to change a bit.

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Two stitches walk into a bar…

OK, so these two stitches walk into a bar, and sit down.  The bartender tells them, "We don’t serve stitches in this bar.  Get out!"

They leave, and go around the corner, where one of the stitches says, "I’ve got an idea."  He unravels himself, untwists his ends a bit, and ties himself into a knot.

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It’s Comcastic!

sm_comcast_adAccording to the expiration date for the "special offer", I received this Comcast ad sometime in summer, 2003. I liked it so much I’ve kept it pinned to my studio wall ever since.

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Another Show Stopper!

This gem appeared in the same book, on the very same page, as the Cossack costume.sm_sculpture.jpg


And yet, some people still shake their heads over my affection for vintage knitting books. I say you just can't find this kind of entertainment in today's material.

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Show Stoppers, Indeed

OK, OK, I simply could not resist posting this vintage gem – even though this is CROCHET, not knitting (and I think knitters all over the globe can all be thankful for that). I truly believe this picture deserves a better fate than being stuck in an old book, forever hidden from prying eyes. smcaftan1crop.jpgThe item originally appeared with this text:

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