Almost Famous

Wow, it looks like my little blog made the Oregonian! A really nice article appeared today about Nitro Knitters.  So, if you arrived here by that route, welcome.

I feel like it might be a good idea to explain that this isn't exactly your typical knitting blog.  This site grew out of my previous teaching life, when I taught at various locations in and around Beaverton.  I needed one place where I could list all the classes and locations I was teaching, and this was it.  So you'll find a certain amount of outdated class listings here, if you browse in chronological order.  But in between those, though, there is some good stuff.  For example, on the sidebar, down on the right side, you'll see that my post about the "yo-yo" sock heel has been viewed a few (tens of thousands!!) times.  And hiding back in the mists of time are informative posts like how to Kitchener without a tapestry needle.

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What Do You Mean, It’s 2014 Already?


My goodness, where does the time go?


OK, yes, the blog died. If any of you remember where we left off, I was knitting the Paloma tee. It ended up fitting OK, but it looked terrible when it was finished, and I decided I didn't like the yarn anyway. At least, I didn't like the color. So, it got frogged and overdyed into a nice blue-green color, and I swear I took a picture of it, but I'm damned if I can find it now.

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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

… which translates as “thus passes the glory of the world”, or “worldly things are fleeting”…

I say this because I have managed, all on my own, to use up a ball-winder.  One of those little white-and-blue plastic Japanese ones, which begin to make a loud “CLACK CLACK CLACK” noise as they get older and the gears start to strip.  This was happening to mine, although the coup de grâce was when the handle finally broke clean off this weekend.

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HI! didja miss me?

Wowsers, it's been an eventful couple of months at my house.  At my NEW house, of course — where I'd say we are about 2/3 unpacked by now.

I'm estimating it will take until December to get the rest unpacked and put away, donated, recycled, or thrown away.  Way back in the beginning, I said this was going to be a year-long project.  We first went out househunting with the realtor on December 29th, so at this point I'm still sticking with my original estimate.  (Although I keep hearing from people about how they have boxes still to unpack from moves that were three years ago.)

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My Knitting Wish List for 2010

magic ball and beginning of raglan sweaterHey, I finally put together a list for What I Want to Knit This Year!

Yeah, well, so what if it's mid-February?

This idea has been kind of nagging at me for a month or so — but what finally prompted me to get it down on paper was an incident last week, when Linda asked, "So what are you knitting for fun?" — after seeing what I was knitting on for work — and I had to say, "Nothing."  That, my friends, is a sad state of affairs, and one I thought I ought to rectify.  I've gotten started on it, as you can see to the right, although that item happens to be the very last one on the list.  You'll have to read ALL THE WAY THROUGH if you want to know what that noise is all about.

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You Guys Rock!

Last week, I wrote about some great things I am fortunate to have in my life:  DH, yarn, a specific cat.

This week, I have even more great things to write about:  specifically, Ben and Jerry's "Cake Batter" ice cream some really fabulous, generous knitters and blog readers, not to mention family and friends!  My heartfelt thanks to all of you — some of whom I have never even met!  You all blew right through the $121 fundraising goal:  now the Cat Adoption Team has almost $200 OVER $200! to help with the food bank, or finding homes for homeless felines.

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Not Guilty, Your Honor

Oh, boy.  It’s been, like, a week and a half.  What happened to blogging?

Well, I’ll tell you what happened to blogging.  Life happened, that’s what.  That, and as I mentioned recently, knitters wanting knitting lessons have reappeared this fall with a vengeance.  In the past month, my teaching hours each week have been up 50-70% from the previous month.  Yeah, that cuts into the blogging time a tad bit — let alone the knitting time.

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Sasquatch Report

Hey, we’re back from our trip to [Sasquatch->] over the Memorial Day Weekend.  And it was an interesting weekend.

(BTW, this post really does include something pretty interesting about sock heels too, although that bit’s way at the end.  Just skip down there if you must.)view of stage

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Latest & Greatest

Admittedly, I haven’t written much in the past week (heck, I haven’t written anything).  But, I have an excellent excuse reason.  Actually, several reasons…

#1 reason is, I have a bad Continental knitting habit of using my right index finger to help out on each and every stitch.  I don’t actually need to use it — I can knit and purl without moving it at all, if I think about it.  As I say, it’s a bad habit, which means I do it more-or-less unconsciously.  I even demonstrate it to new Continental knitters in my classes as a great example of what not to do.

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Outside the Comfort Zone

On Tuesday afternoons, for the past few weeks now, I’ve been helping out my friend Patricia [(namasteknitter)->] with an after-school knitting club at her son’s elementary school.

You have to realize that this is a completely foreign world to me. I don’t have kids. I don’t really like kids. I was the baby of my own family, and I’ve spent my whole life around people older than me. I have never, ever, changed a diaper. I can’t remember the last time, prior to this, that I set foot in a school – but it was before they had metal detectors at the doors. To me, schools mostly mean taxes, and areas where you have to drive slower on certain days and at certain times. (Oh, and they don’t like for you to swear, either.)

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I’m in I’m in I’m in I’m in I’m in!!

Of course, this means I’m in at [Ravelry->].

Actually, I got invited about a week ago, but haven’t had time to go exploring before now. What fun! Lots to do!

Unfortunately for me, someone already has the username “tessknits” – so on Ravelry I’m now known as “tessm”. Maybe we should start a group on Ravelry for knitters named Tess? Both of us!

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