Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way

And if you need yourself a little Easter Basket, here’s the ticket!mobius basket - side view

I’ll be teaching this mobius-handled basket at the Knitting Bee in early March.  It goes amazingly quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time to whip up one or more before the holiday.  Among other things, you’ll learn how to do a provisional cast-on — a must in every serious knitter’s repertoire!

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A Bunny Dilemma!

OK, so I went and got white pom-poms and some bunny eyes last night.

But Houston – we have a problem.

The original eyes of Hip and Hop are pink with black centers, 18 mm diameter, with little radial lines or "veins" in them.  The poor furry little guys have been sadly abused over the years, so Hip and Hop have cataracts now — I told you they were elderly — but believe me, the veins are there, even if you can’t see them well in the photos.

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UFOlympics! the fourth event

OK, so I know I said I wasn't going to work on the UFOs during my "vacation".

Well, that was before I got strep throat on the very first day of my "vacation".  I mean, it's not like I had this penciled in on my calendar:

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UFOlympics! the third event

Wow, this UFOlympics thing is getting to be quite an eye-opener for me.

For one thing, I have started to realize just how little time I devote to knitting in the course of a standard week.  I mean to the actual act of pulling one loop of yarn through another.  Sure, I spend plenty of time writing about knitting, and teaching others about knitting, and working on my someday-I’ll-have-a-new-cool-website-about-knitting — but as for ACTUAL KNITTING, it seems to be an endangered species at my house.

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