Reverse Engineering – Beach Gallery Scarf I

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A couple of months ago I was out at the coast, and saw some knitted scarves in a gallery.  Technically speaking, they were very simple, but they were beautiful, and the price tags on them were in three digits, in some cases.  So I was inspired to try to create my own version.2015-10-12 18.35.54

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New Pattern Release: Two-Tone Mobius Cowl

I just published my newest pattern, Two-Tone Mobius Cowl, over on!

If TK001_MobiusCowl_2TK001_MobiusCowl_1you're thinking, "yeah, but that mobius cast-on is SO confusing and difficult" — guess what?  I've fixed that problem.  If you’ve been frustrated by the “popular” version of the mobius cast-on, try mine instead. Knit two rows, perform three simple steps (shown with photos), and you’re off and knitting!

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New Sock Club Design

I’ve said it before, but — it’s so hard to write on your knitting blog, when you can’t blog about what it is you are knitting.Champagne Sock

But now I can reveal that soon,  the next installment in the sock club by “For Yarn’s Sake” will be released, with this month’s design by yours truly!  The theme is “Champagne & Roses” and you will have a whole month to get your socks done in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Fun with M***c Balls

pink magic yarn ballOK, so you know I don't like to use the "m" word when it comes to knitting, because KNITTING is not actually MAGIC.

But a few weeks ago, in my "what-I-want-to-knit-this-year" list, I mentioned a yarn-usage technique that is often known as the "magic ball".  Because this isn't actually a knitting technique so much as it is a clever way to use yarn, I decided I can more-or-less live with the "m" word in this case.

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Sock Design 101: Part 5

Before we finish off the sock design series, we have to talk about ribbing.

Ribbing is actually a fairly important design consideration.  Ribbing at the top edge is what keeps a sock up if it is made of a less-stretchy stitch pattern, such as plain stockinette.  And no one is going to wear a pair of socks that keeps falling down all the time.

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Sock Design 101: Part 4

OK, I admit I got a little off track, and sort of forgot I had this sock design series going.  Apologies to both of you who have been sitting on the edge of your computer chairs, waiting breathlessly for the next post in the series.

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Sock Design 101: Part 3

Oh, hi. You got that basketweave sock done all the way to the heel then?  Not quite?  OK, good, we’ll "pick up" where we left off.  (ha, ha, little knitting humor there.  Very little.)

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Sock Design 101: Part 2

(This is the second in a series of posts discussing the process of designing DH’s basketweave socks.)

We left off Part 1 with a completed toe, and have discovered that in order to have a sock foot that is about 7" circumference, we have ended up with 64 sts total for the foot of the sock.

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Sock Design 101: Part 1

Oh, happy day!  DH has another pair of handknit socks, and I have one less UFO.  (Believe it or not, I’m down to just SIX UFO’s.  My advice is to keep an eye out for plagues of locusts.)

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