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What are you doing on Saturday?

If you have time to knit a swatch this evening, you can join me for Knitty Gritty tomorrow, Saturday 6/7, 10-12pm  We all make mistakes now and again, but don't let that stop your knitting in its tracks.  Learn to fix several common mistakes in this class, where you will bring a practice swatch on the needles, and we will wreck it and fix it.  Never fear a dropped stitch again!    (All skill levels)

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Upcoming Classes, June 2014

It has really been a blast these past three months, reconnecting with some familiar faces that I had not seen in up to a decade! but it hasn't left much time for typing.  I've just been too darned busy to blog, and I think this list of upcoming classes proves it. So without further ado, here's what's on my teaching schedule for June (and what's left of May).

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Almost Famous

Wow, it looks like my little blog made the Oregonian! A really nice article appeared today about Nitro Knitters.  So, if you arrived here by that route, welcome.

I feel like it might be a good idea to explain that this isn't exactly your typical knitting blog.  This site grew out of my previous teaching life, when I taught at various locations in and around Beaverton.  I needed one place where I could list all the classes and locations I was teaching, and this was it.  So you'll find a certain amount of outdated class listings here, if you browse in chronological order.  But in between those, though, there is some good stuff.  For example, on the sidebar, down on the right side, you'll see that my post about the "yo-yo" sock heel has been viewed a few (tens of thousands!!) times.  And hiding back in the mists of time are informative posts like how to Kitchener without a tapestry needle.

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Snow Daze

Well.  Here we are on our third day of being more-or-less housebound in the PDX area, due to roughly a foot of snowfall.  (I know, a foot of snow doesn't stop most of the country in its tracks, but it is a rarity for us.)  DH is going stir-crazy, although the Olympics have helped a bit with the boredom factor.

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Nitro Knitters About To Blast Off

Calling all knitters… A new shop is about to open in South Beaverton, OR.

The official Grand Opening of "Nitro Knitters" will start on Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb 14th, and continue over the weekend.

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Last Call for Garden Home Group Class, Spring Term Starting 4/11/2012

It was fun, but as they say, all good things come to an end.  Yes, this will be the final session of the Wednesday morning group knitting class at Garden Home Rec Center.

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Garden Home Group Class, Winter Term Starting 1/18/2012

sunny dayCome join us and beat the winter blahs!   Registration details are below.  (Not interested in this class?  Let me know why in the poll at the bottom of the post!)

The holidays are over and the midwinter gloom is starting to set in, yes? OK, I know the days are theoretically getting longer again, but then again they were getting pretty damned short, after all.

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Getting Back to Knitting Classes at Garden Home

Whew!  I just finished updating my sadly-neglected knitting class spreadsheet — including the dates for the next THREE terms at Garden Home Rec Center!

house being paintedI admit, I haven't been doing much teaching, or even knitting,  this summer — just some bits here and there.  The Garden Home classes always take a break over the summer, because there are so many other things to do here in beautiful Oregon, at least when the sun finally decides to shine.  But unfortunately, the spring term didn't fill, so I've basically just been lazy since the start of the year.

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Websites and classes and progress, oh my

Ah, websites.  How much fun they are to fix!  And what was I thinking, trying to work on two at once? 8O

On this site, I have finally managed to fix the [events_link] knitting classes page[/events_link], and have updated it with what I currently have scheduled — which isn't much right now, of course, what with summer coming and all.  There is a Continental knitting class coming up fast at Knitting Bee this Saturday, and I do have the dates for the fall session of the Garden Home group knitting class, in case you want to check that out.  I won't have GH pricing info until we get closer to registration time, which should be around the beginning of September.

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One more knitter needed – Garden Home Spring knitting class starts next week!

We need one more knitter by Wednesday, which is the start of the spring knitting class over at GH Rec Center.  It's a free-form class — there isn't a specific agenda.  You can learn to knit from the very beginning, or you can bring any project you're working on, and get guidance if and when you need it.  Here is the official description, although I think there's more to it than this:

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One More Knitter for Garden Home?

I just checked on the sign-up list for the Wednesday morning knitting group at Garden Home — which starts this week — and we are ONE KNITTER SHORT.  This is a true bummer, because I was kind of excited to start bringing in some more “tutorial” type of material this term, and give you knitters something interesting to try out each week.

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“Teach someone to knit.”

A long, long time ago — we're talking at least a couple of decades — I started one of those lists that are now often called "bucket" lists — you know, things you want to do before you "kick the bucket".  (Only at the time I did mine, the list was titled "50 Things to Do Before You Die", which is a little more direct and a lot more specific.)

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Finally, Sweater Pix!

You know that stupid cutesy saying,

"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done."

OK, OK, I bow to reality.

Tomorrow we are getting on a plane to attend my niece's wedding in Chicago.  I promised myself I'd get the pictures of the sweater knitters posted before the trip.  I'd have had it done already, actually, if it weren't that when I sat down to do it last Tuesday, I found out my camera was still sitting in DH's truck.  At work.  With all the pictures still on it.

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Flock and Fiber is Just Around the Corner!

My very favorite fiber festival of the year is almost here!

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, or OFFF, is always held during the 4th full weekend of September at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby, Oregon. This year, the dates are September 25th & 26th (with classes also held on Friday the 24th).

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Garden Home Fall Group Class – coming up!

KNITTING, All Levels – Fall, 2010


Wednesdays, Sep 22, 2010 – Dec 8, 2010  (No Class 11/24)

9:30am to 11:30am

Garden Home Recreation Center

In-district pricing: Regular $118.00, Senior $88.50  (11 sessions)

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HI! didja miss me?

Wowsers, it's been an eventful couple of months at my house.  At my NEW house, of course — where I'd say we are about 2/3 unpacked by now.

I'm estimating it will take until December to get the rest unpacked and put away, donated, recycled, or thrown away.  Way back in the beginning, I said this was going to be a year-long project.  We first went out househunting with the realtor on December 29th, so at this point I'm still sticking with my original estimate.  (Although I keep hearing from people about how they have boxes still to unpack from moves that were three years ago.)

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Reminder to Sign Up for Sweater Class

Just a brief post to remind anyone who is interested in the Summer Sweater Class at Garden Home — registration for summer term started yesterday morning.  (The start of THPRD registration is usually pretty crazy, what with people trying to get their kids into every class under the sun, so I held off a day on the reminder.  No one needs to spend extra knitting time on hold.)

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Monday Night Knitters?

I got an email from the Garden Home class scheduler today that says we just need a couple more knitters to fill the Monday night class — else it will have to be canceled.  :(  A decision will have to be made soon!  So if you were thinking about it, or are on the bubble, or just haven't gotten around to registering yet — well, we need to know your intentions, at least (and if you intend to join the Wednesday morning class, we'd like to know about that too, actually).

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I’m NOT Going to Remind Anyone to Sign Up This Spring

The Spring Term at Garden Home Rec Center starts in just under three weeks — our first Wednesday class is March 31st — and we already have seven knitters signed up!

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Can We Get One More Knitter at Garden Home?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:  the Wednesday morning class at Garden Home Rec Center needs ONE MORE KNITTER!  otherwise, the class will have to be cancelled!

In theory, class starts tomorrow morning — so if you were perhaps planning to sign up when you got there, well — if you could do it NOW instead, that would be awesome!  The Garden Home phone number is 503/629-6341.

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Reminder: Sign Up for Garden Home GROUP Classes Now!

Winter and Spring Term Registration started 1/9/10 for In-District patrons, and starts tomorrow, 1/15/10 for Out-of-District.  So don't delay!  Click Here for the group knitting class description.

(I don't yet have the date for summer term registration, which will be the sweater knit-along class — when I do, I'll let you both know.)

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Knitting Resolutions (2009 Redux Edition)

On's knitting section, I found a poll for "What are Your Knitting Resolutions for 2009?"

OK, so it's a year out of date, but I figure things can't have changed all that much in a year.

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Tons O’ Classes!

Wowsers!  after an epic behind-the-scenes struggle, I have finally found an "Event Management" thingy to keep an updated listing of ALL the classes I am teaching.  Take a look at the snazzy new set-up on the "Knitting Classes" page!  But specifically, I'd like to call your attention to the last class on the (current) list — the Summer Sweater Knit-Along, about which I asked for input last week.  Be sure to mark your calendars, and I will post info about when registration will start as soon as I know myself.  ETA:  Note that the "summer" part refers to the time of the class, not the style of sweater.  You may make the snuggliest, warmest green MOHAIR sweater imaginable, if you wish.  (You might even be in excellent company.)

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New Year’s Knitting Resolutions

Ho Ho Ho, a belated Merry Christmas to you both and especially, a Happy New Year!

new year

I took an inadvertent holiday break last week, because the post I had slaved over all day Tuesday turned out to have — issues.

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Now Here’s a Great Gift Idea…

… for a knitter, that is.  Especially the knitter who already has way too much yarn, and too many books, and all the gadgets she can feasibly use.  (Not that I know anyone like that.  And hey, it took me over 20 years of solid dedication to get there.)pink knitting

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My Fall Classes

One more plug for the Garden Home group classes, which start next week — and wow, look what’s coming up at the Knitting Bee!  I am going to be one busy girl this fall!

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Classes in August

Good heavens, where did July go?  It’s time to post info about upcoming classes in August and September!

Knitting Bee

We have a few things on the list:  a couple of old faves and one brand-new one!  Call Knitting Bee at 503.439.3316 if you’re interested!

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News Flashes

Well, life has been happening with a vengeance around our house the past few days.  So you’ll have to forgive me for just throwing out a couple of updates here.

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Farmhouse Knit Shop is Closing

Straight from Sandi’s keyboard –

Dear Friends:

It is official!!!  The Farmhouse Knit Shop will be closing its doors.  All stock in the shop will be 50% off beginning Friday, May 15, 2009, and I will continue to clear all the inventory until it is gone.

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Cardigan Knitalong Postponed

Sorry gang!  I did indeed speak too soon, and the cardigan knitalong will indeed have to be postponed.

In fact, at the moment I can’t reschedule it either — so let’s call it "cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances".

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The Next Friday Group Knitalong

Update 5-2-09:  Uh-oh.

Houston, we may have a scheduling problem.  Don’t swatch anything just yet…  

OK, OK.  I said we’d start the next sweater knitalong in May, didn’t I?

So, NEXT FRIDAY, May 8th, we will kick off another one.

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Farmhouse Knit Shop — New Hours

New Farmhouse Knit Shop Hours:

Sunday through Friday, 10 – 6; closed Saturday

(For more info such as location and classes, please click here.)

Short-Row Bust Darts

For about half of the “Magnificent 7 Guinea Pigs” group, one of the big fit issues was how to fit a sweater for a generous bust without it becoming a gunny sack.

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Knitters Wanted, Again!

smiling ball

It’s already time to sign up for the SPRING SESSIONS of the Garden Home Rec Center group knitting classes!

Boy, that winter term went by quickly — it was a little on the short side because we got a late start, due to me being on that trip to New Zealand.  But the spring sessions are a full 10 classes apiece — so if you have a killer project and you want expert advice to see it through from start to finish, this would be a very good time to sign up! 

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Friday Group Class: News Flash / Schedule Update

I’ve just posted a new schedule for the Friday Group Classes, so if you’re involved in that, please take a look here.

I checked all the near-term vacation dates that have been sent to me, and the only date in the near future when everyone will be around is 3/20 — so that’s the day we will look at finishing on our V-neck sweaters.  I am sorry it’s kind of far out, but that’s the way the ball bounces.  (Blame your fellow knitters, not me… my vacation was on the schedule!)

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More Great Guinea Pigs

Table of contents for Friday Guinea Pigs: TDVNR Knitalong

  1. I Love My Job!
  2. The Friday Guinea Pigs!
  3. This Is Why It’s Gonna Snow in Portland
  4. One TWO Successful Guinea Pigs!
  5. More Great Guinea Pigs
  6. Short-Row Bust Darts

OK, I admit it’s been a couple of weeks, and I still have not fixed the collar on my top-down V-neck raglan from the Friday group class knit-along.  Part of that is due to a whole lot of teaching going on, and part of that is due to another sock pattern I am designing for my friend Deb of Fearless Fibers…  you’ll hear more about that later.

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Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way

And if you need yourself a little Easter Basket, here’s the ticket!mobius basket - side view

I’ll be teaching this mobius-handled basket at the Knitting Bee in early March.  It goes amazingly quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time to whip up one or more before the holiday.  Among other things, you’ll learn how to do a provisional cast-on — a must in every serious knitter’s repertoire!

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One TWO Successful Guinea Pigs!

Table of contents for Friday Guinea Pigs: TDVNR Knitalong

  1. I Love My Job!
  2. The Friday Guinea Pigs!
  3. This Is Why It’s Gonna Snow in Portland
  4. One TWO Successful Guinea Pigs!
  5. More Great Guinea Pigs
  6. Short-Row Bust Darts

The top-down rust raglan that I knit for the Friday Group Class knit-along was finished last Friday (or so I thought).rust raglan

I picked up around the neckline and knit simple K2, P2 for a polo style collar.  (Turns out that isn’t going to work so well — but more about that in a minute.)

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Knitters Wanted!

Hey!  You!  the one who was thinking about signing up for the Garden Home Rec Center knitting class!  It’s time to GET ON THE STICK!  (heh heh, little knitting pun there)

Both of the winter classes have exactly four knitters signed up — and we really need at least five knitters in a class for it to run.  (We’ve gotten away with fewer before, once or twice, but apparently the rules have been tightened somewhat.)

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Some Actual Work Stuff (Upcoming Classes)

Even though I’m in New Zealand, I still have to get some work done.  Or rather, I need to do some stuff that I didn’t get done before I left.  Ha!  Now I can call the trip a "business expense", heh heh.

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This Is Why It’s Gonna Snow in Portland

Table of contents for Friday Guinea Pigs: TDVNR Knitalong

  1. I Love My Job!
  2. The Friday Guinea Pigs!
  3. This Is Why It’s Gonna Snow in Portland
  4. One TWO Successful Guinea Pigs!
  5. More Great Guinea Pigs
  6. Short-Row Bust Darts

It fits!

yoke of TDVNR 2008

Wow, does it fit!

These may be the very least baggy armholes I have ever knit for myself.

 And — lest you think this is some kind of freak accident that was bound to happen someday if I just kept knitting long enough — looky, it pretty much matches the sweater I was trying to copy.

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The Friday Guinea Pigs!

Table of contents for Friday Guinea Pigs: TDVNR Knitalong

  1. I Love My Job!
  2. The Friday Guinea Pigs!
  3. This Is Why It’s Gonna Snow in Portland
  4. One TWO Successful Guinea Pigs!
  5. More Great Guinea Pigs
  6. Short-Row Bust Darts

As anyone who has been reading lately knows, the Friday Group class regulars decided that they wanted to do a top-down raglan sweater, knit-along style.

Only thing is, they are all different shapes and sizes — being that they are human beings and all.

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I Love My Job!

Last Friday was our first top-down sweater knitalong class, and I’m so tickled with my Friday knitters, I just have to tell you.

I’ve got seven — count ‘em, SEVEN — knitters who are going to knit a top-down sweater along with me!!  It will be a project extending over a few months, so watch this space for some pictures of FO’s in about March or so.  (Although we’ll probably get some pics along the way, too, I suspect.)

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That Was a Lot of Work

I’ve spent all afternoon mapping out the next 6 months’ worth of Friday Group Class Tutorials.  And wow, that took a lot out of me.

So go take a look — one of the more exciting things we’re going to try is that I’ll be starting a "Sweater Series" of tutorials, which will be a knitalong kind of thing.

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Cl@$$ Act

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, or so they say.  And they are right.

I figured out something very wrong with my blog today — more specifically, with the way I set things up here.

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New Classes Listed!

Aaaah, fall has arrived:  the kids are back in school, football is about to start, and that means it’s prime knitting time again!!

So, just a brief note to let you know that I’ve just updated all the class pages for my upcoming fall knitting classes:

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Fearless Fibers Fall 2008 Sock Club is LIVE!

Hey, there – just a quick plug today, for my pal Deb’s mini-sock club that she’s just unveiled!

(ed. note — it’s not a club for mini-socks, it’s a mini-club for full-size socks.)

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Classes, Classes, and more Classes!

Hey there!  not much to say here — I’ve been working on an overhaul of the class listings page.  It has undergone some biiiiiiiig changes that I hope will make it much, much easier for you to find what you are looking for.

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New – Friday Group Class Tutorial Calendar

Finally, I got my act together and have made up a schedule of tutorial subjects for the Friday Group Class for the next few months.  Click on the link above to see it — you should see a permanent link to it in the sidebar to the right also, although I had to refresh my browser a few times before it agreed there was something new there…  gotta love this technology thingy…

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FYI: No Friday Group this week

Due to the holiday weekend, the Friday morning Group Class will not be held on 5/23.

Hope everyone has big plans to get lots of knitting done!  I’ll have some car time to kill, so I hope to put in some serious knitting hours.

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Class Update

Hey, the class listing page has been updated with lots of new goodies!  There’s a short-but-sweet gauge workshop, a class on fixing mistakes, and of course the ever-popular Continental knitting.

I tend not to do project classes as much as technique classes — my goal is to educate & encourage knitters to be in charge of their own knitting, not to tell anyone what to knit! — but here are pictures of two projects that I am teaching in the near future: 

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Announcement: Upcoming Classes

It’s that time again!

For those interested in group knitting classes at Garden Home Rec Center, spring term classes will be starting the week of April 7th. 

In a small group setting, learn to knit, or bring any project for help. Bring size 8 needles and a smooth medium weight yarn to first class or bring your project in progress (pattern, yarn and needles). Small class size (10 max) with individualized attention.

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Going, Going, Gone

A brief announcement, to remind anyone who is interested in the group classes at Garden Home Rec Center:  they start this week!  on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings.

The Wednesday class currently does not have enough people registered in it for the class to run, so if you were thinking about signing up, now is the time…  it will probably be a small class size!  What a bargain!

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