Flock and Fiber, Here I Come!

Hooray!!  my favorite fiber festival of the entire year is right around the corner!!

This weekend is the annual OR Flock & Fiber Festival:

www.flockandfiberfestival.com ~ every year on the 4th Sat of Sept in Canby, OR.

Tess w camelsOFFF has the flavor of what I imagine a county fair used to be like, and it’s a fiber-lover’s dream.  This year’s featured handcraft is knitting, so there will be sure to be lots and lots of yarn for sale; fleeces, books, and other goodies, of course, as well; classes and demonstrations, including a fleece-to-shawl demo; both amateur and professional cooking contests; and unusual fiber-producing animals to see. 

Here’s a picture that my friend Page took of me last year I think, with a couple of camels.  I forget whether they were bactrian or dromedaries, and the picture quality isn’t great because I had to scan it, but hey.  You just don’t see things like this every day.  Not this close up, anyway.  At least, I don’t.

I don’t spin, nor do I have any wish to raise fiber animals — well, maybe a MOHAIR angora goat.  Except that a few years ago at OFFF I saw this great bumper sticker:

 Not Enough Problems?  Get a Goat!

That’s enough to make me not do anything foolish.  But it all looks great from a safe distance!

And where else will you ever find a Parking Lot Fiber Sale?  I imagine a bunch of women out in the parking lot before dawn, furtively trading fiber while wearing backwards ball caps and lots of chunky gold chains…

Here’s my dirty little secret:  one of the absolute best things about OFFF is every year, I find more vintage books to add to my collection.  Last year, I found a little book called "Fiber Facts" by Bette Hochberg.  It was written for handweavers, but it has some great stuff in it.  I’d kind of forgotten about it until now, but I’ll have to include some excerpts in upcoming blog posts — just in case anyone was thinking of trying to mercerize their own cotton yarn, well, I have the instructions.

See you at OFFF!

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