Calling all Cupcakes!

OK, the Internet is definitely a weird place.cupcake gown

After Sheryl’s comment sent me off googling "knitted fruitcake," somehow this is what I found, over at the Sydney Morning Herald:

"These are just some of the finalists in this year’s [2005] annual Shoot the Chef competition where student and professional photographers compete to produce the image that captures the essence of what it is to be a chef."

This is…  well, art, I think.  And, it’s actual food.

"There are 478 cupcakes in the dress. Simmone [Logue, the subject] made them all, of course. The flowers – roses and gerberas, mainly – were all fresh. We bought them from the markets at 5am, so we had to move quickly to take the shot so they wouldn’t look too frowzy. We started off with a Barbie theme, but ended up with a more elegant look. The top’s from Opera Australia – it’s a costume top. I sourced the jewellery from a wedding boutique. The "skirt" took about three hours to build. It was an exercise in putting a lot of beautiful elements together to explore the idea of femininity."

Sooo…  but where, you ask, does knitting come into this?

Aha, I reply, remember Leigh Radford’s knitted cupcakes?

You see where I’m going with this, of course.  Yes indeedy, I think we knitters can go the chefs one better.  "Putting beautiful elements together to explore femininity" such as this looks to me like a heckuva lot better way to while away your extra knitting time than making a knitted dissected rat, anyway.  (Yes, even if we use acrylic yarn.  Just so long as a lot of it is pink.)

There are 209 completed cupcake projects on Ravelry for the LR version, and another 236 for the free one designed by Eva MacDonald, so c’mon — we’re practically there already!

All we need to do is get Christo on board with it.

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