Playing Lessons

A long time ago, a knitter once asked me about “playing lessons” for knitting.

I had no idea what playing lessons were.  She explained that the term comes from golfing, and a playing lesson is where you go out and actually play a round of golf with your teacher.  Since many people learn best by doing, you can learn more by playing an actual round of golf than you can learn on the practice range.

I loved the idea, but it doesn’t lend itself to one-on-one knitting lessons.  But it DOES lend itself pretty well to a blog!

I’ve chronicled several of my projects on this site as I’ve knit them, showing you the choices I’ve made, and explaining my decisions step-by-step.  You get to read along and find out in the end whether they were good decisions!  It’s all here:  the good, the bad, and the frogged.


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