Show Stopper, Indeed

OK, I cannot resist posting this vintage gem – even though this is CROCHET, not knitting (and I think knitters all over the globe can all be thankful for that). I truly believe this picture deserves a better fate than being hidden away in an old book.smCaftan1crop

The item originally appeared with this text:

Show Stoppers

Cossack costume? (Etruscan, Tartar, Mongolian?) No, it’s simply a crocheted wool caftan – a guaranteed party stopper.

I can’t help admiring the person who was faced with the job of writing that caption, and came up with that delightful piece of prose.

  • First, because she actually used the word “simple” in connection with this piece of work. (!)
  • Second, because she actually tried to pin down the ethnic heritage of the garment.
  • And finally, because despite the original title of “Show Stopper,” she far more correctly referred to it as a “party stopper“.

Try putting this on after a few drinks at your next event. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone will leave your house within 5 minutes!

  1 comment for “Show Stopper, Indeed

  1. Ingrid
    05/01/2016 at 1:06 PM

    Oh my gosh — too funny. I wonder how long it took to hook that monstrosity.

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