New Pattern Release: Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat

FSM Completed HatMerry ChrisFSMas!

I just published my newest pattern, The Pastafarian FSM Hat, on Ravelry!

I really wanted to get this one out earlier, in more time for Christmas — but life conspired against me, with a death in the family and a computer that also died (but thankfully was resurrected with about 3 days of work).

So, from now until the end of 2015, it is half off at Ravelry with the coupon code “ramen“.












This hat project was originally inspired by one of my long-time online friends, Jen in Canada, whose hat I made in 2013.  She says her hat is a huge hit and gets loaned out, even!

This year’s hat, and the writing of the pattern, were inspired by another long-time online friend, Tim, whose hat is still en route to Britain.  Not sure if it will get there in time for Xmas either, but I’m still hoping.

FSM Single Eye I admit I am particularly proud of the poseable tentacles this time around, and the eyestalk is a piece of genius if I say it myself. 🙂

The project requires some basic crochet skills, as well as I highly recommend the use of an I-cord machine like this one.  My pattern gives detailed information about how to make it work properly:  two specific bits of information that you won’t find in their instructions, and which will allow you to crank out a big pile of I-cord in just a few minutes.  R’amen!


  2 comments for “New Pattern Release: Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat

  1. Damian Mccartney
    05/18/2016 at 3:25 PM

    Hi, I have to say, this is by far the best made hat I have come across. It really is so good. Do you make them to order? A pattern to me would be like reading Chinese. I’m a bloke, you see, so…I’m in Ireland and to ask my mother would be blasphemous. Many thanks. Damian

    • 05/20/2016 at 9:31 AM

      Hi Damian, thanks for the compliments on my work! But no, I don’t knit for pay. The time it takes to hand knit something basically makes it too expensive, unless the knitter is in a third world country.
      You may not know that we have a saying: “Knitting is like sex. If I like you and you appreciate it, it is free. Other than that, you can’t pay me enough.” 🙂

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