Three Holiday Dec Ideas

As l022_Baublesong as we're on the subject of knitting for the holidays — if you have some spare time and spare yarn, here's some cuties for you.  All these are my original designs, and newly available on Ravelry.

First up, felted Holiday Baubles, made with short rows in garter stitch and embellished in any number of ways:  I used needle felting and stripey color changes on these, but you could do just about anything with them!

No ideas?  Look no further than the interwebs for inspiration.  I might not advocate trying to do an entire wreath of yarn balls before the 25th, but you could embellish an existing wreath with just a few.  Or make a sequin-y garland.  More ideas for ornaments here, and here.

You can copy just about anyone's favorite anything onto a baIl shape.  How about super-hero logos for the super-heroes on your list?  Sports team colors work perfectly with these.  Animals and cartoon characters work too (OK, maybe not a SpongeBob SQUAREpants, but you know there's always one exception to every rule).  I have made a Hello Kitty one, and always meant to make a Chococat one for myself, and I definitely NEED a Grumpy Cat this year!


In related news, th023_MrSnowere is Mr. Snowman, who is knit and felted on the same lines as the baubles but in three different sizes, of course.  Again you have an opportunity for a little creativity in how you dress him (or her) up.  He is hot-glued to a juice can lid to keep him upright, even after a few egg-nogs.


And finally, who doesn't have le016_PBX_Bftover sock yarn lying around?  These Mitered Square full_db_016_PBX_Eornaments have a rustic, "Olde Worlde" look to them and no wonder – they are made with a traditional knitting technique that is lots of fun to try on a small scale like this.  But change up the colors, and add a touch of glittery, sparkly yarn and they can look quite modern!


Enjoy the holiday season, keep warm, and Happy Knitting!

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