You may remember that earlier this summer I participated in, and posted about, a group knitting project conceived by local artist Seann McKeel.

The "You Are The Chosen One" project has been completed, and will be on display in downtown Portland (on Couch St, between 6th and Broadway), through the month of September.

DH and I went to take a look this weekend… and just so you know, I saw at least two other people taking pictures of it!  (I also saw at least two young women wearing brown cowboy boots with black knee socks and short skirts, but hey.  It's Portland.)


The final assemblage, in all its knitted glory:

The completed YATCO project

Here I am, next to the square I knitted:

Me and my knitted square

It was a bittersweet moment, because I knitted my square for my friend in NZ with breast cancer, and I had expected to send Kim these pictures.  But it's too late.


Some of my favorite squares:

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