There, I Fixed It

OK, I'll be the first to admit that the last post was perhaps a bit premature.  Hey, I was excited to have gotten something finished.

Thus it was that, after really looking at the difference between my clown-like collar and the original collar, I decided to go back and take a look at the instructions to see just where the hell it went off the rails.

And I found that the directions were probably not all that well written.  SURPRISE!

The pattern spells out the first 10 rows of the collar, because it has you doing some increases — then it says, quote:

Work even for 3", end wrong side row.

Obviously, I took this to mean, well, what it says:  work an additional 3" from where I was after the first 10 rows.  Wouldn't you?  Well, perhaps not.  Not if that means you spend a whole lot of time knitting hundreds thousands of extra collar stitches, get it finished, try it on, and wonder why you look like Bozo Pierrot; then take a good, hard look at the picture and figure out that the overall collar width can't be a lot more than, say, the width of the model's hand — probably around, oh, 4" tops.

Apparently what they MEANT to say was:

Work even until entire collar measures 3".

Which turns out to be a fairly significantly different amount of knitting.  About 11 rows' worth, if you must know.  And, I might add, well over 250 sts per row.

Which I then ripped out.  Cursing as I did so.

Cursing free patterns, pattern writers who say one thing and mean another, and my own lack of powers of observation — which seems to have been a hallmark of this project ever since the sleeves.

But, did I mention that the sleeves blocked out longer?  As you can see, they even belled out a little bit.  One tiny bonus.

So the final score is:  11 extra rows on the collar, plus one-and-a-half extra sleeves — and all the ripping out, in MOHAIR, that those two things entailed — less having to add any rounds to said sleeves after blocking.

I'm not sure I came out ahead on this one, but I do still like it!

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