Green Mohair FO

Finally, I got something finished!

green mohair sweater green mohair sweater

These pics were taken before I washed and blocked it, and the sleeves seemed a little on the short side at the time — but fortunately I was able to block them out a little longer.  😀

This is a sweater I started last summer during the top-down sweater class.  It is supposed to be a version of this sweater from Filatura di Crosa, which was done in a very spendy yarn.  I did mine in an Anny Blatt kid mohair instead.

What took so long to finish it ,was that I mucked up the sleeves and wasn't sure how to un-muck them.  On the original, the upper part of the sleeve is actually stockinette, not ribbing — it switches to the ribbing and bells out somewhere around the elbow, yes?  Well, I failed to notice that when I started the sleeves.  My sleeve was well under way when I figured it out, and I decided not to rip out and redo the top part.  I tried a few different things to finish them off — which means I knitted about 3.5 sleeves in total — but I eventually decided that I would give up the belled part in the name of practicality, as well as in the name of not having to rip out both whole sleeves.

I also overdid the collar a bit, although I swear I followed the instructions.  I guess changing yarn and gauge will do that to you!

But overall, I like it quite a bit.  I figure I can always take the collar back a smidge, or take it off entirely.  But the sweater itself is light and airy, yet comfortably warm.  And of course,it's green MOHAIR so what more could a girl want?

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