The Dude and his Sweater

It's amazing how a couple of weeks can just disappear.

Well, of course, I've just been doing things other than blogging:  for one, I have really truly been making some serious progress on the new website.  No, seriously!

Then of course there was the bit where ol' Morgan cat started getting stem cell injections, as part of a study on feline kidney failure.  The first one went very smoothly; I think the cat took it more in stride than I did.  Tomorrow we have another one, though I am much less freaked out about it this time around.  It will be very interesting to see if he shows any improvement.  If he does, he may continue to get injections every month or so into August.

I know in the previous post I claimed I was starting on a new project — but since I didn't get gauge right off the bat, I have begun to reconsider the wisdom of trying to knit an adult-sized sweater on size 2 needles.  So in the meantime, I have been sorting out the remainder of The Stack, which is what I call my knitting project graveyard WIP rack.  ("WIP" stands for Work In Progress, and "WIP rack" is a term left over in my head from my days working in chip manufacturing.  In that context, a WIP rack is where you pile the stuff that is sitting around waiting to be worked on.  It's very fitting.)

So far, I've got one pair of DH's worn-out socks back on the needles after taking off the old feet, in preparation for knitting new feet; I've frogged one entire project that didn't fit at all, and half of another one that turned out to be not very flattering.

But I'm still apparently on the lookout for new projects.  DH is a huge fan of the stupidest movie ever made, so he recently sent me an article from the Oregonian about the original sweater from "The Big Lebowski" going up for auction, and now — well, you know what I'm thinking, don't you?

I'm thinking I could SO make a much better copy than this one.  And after knitting that teeny little swatch the other night, the decidedly large gauge on this bad boy looks rather attractive… the gauge on that thing is so big, it would be no trouble at all to figure out the charts from the photo…

And I'm thinking it's at least a 50-50 shot that I have an authentic, vintage pattern of the appropriate style, somewhere in the studio library, that I can modify… and if not, there's always Ravelry…

DH says he doesn't think the original sweater is really "his" colors.  I say, there's the beauty of the whole plan, right there.  You think greys would look better?  and I can do it for a lot less than eleven grand, too.  😉


ETA:  holy crap, I might have known the interwebs would be way ahead of me.  Here is a link to the FREE pattern on Ravelry!

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