Champagne, Anyone?

drumroll please…  Et voilà!  I can now unveil pictures of my latest sock design.

While you may have sipped champagne while you knit, I bet you haven’t ever knitted champagne glasses, in a veritable champagne fountain — complete with little bubbles!

The openwork heart on the toe is of course optional, and I can tell you it didn’t bother my feet — but if you have sensitive tootsies, you may opt to move the heart further up on the instep, or leave it out entirely.  Or put in extra ones.  Or put them in different places on each sock…  OK, someone stop me.  This is too cute already.

More notes on the design can be found in this post, but for today I think a picture or two is worth a thousand words.

Kits are available at For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton.

ETA:  I just added it on Ravelry, too!  so if you’re knitting it, throw me some Ravelry love and add it to your queue!  🙂

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