My Knitting Wish List for 2010

magic ball and beginning of raglan sweaterHey, I finally put together a list for What I Want to Knit This Year!

Yeah, well, so what if it's mid-February?

This idea has been kind of nagging at me for a month or so — but what finally prompted me to get it down on paper was an incident last week, when Linda asked, "So what are you knitting for fun?" — after seeing what I was knitting on for work — and I had to say, "Nothing."  That, my friends, is a sad state of affairs, and one I thought I ought to rectify.  I've gotten started on it, as you can see to the right, although that item happens to be the very last one on the list.  You'll have to read ALL THE WAY THROUGH if you want to know what that noise is all about.

REALITY CHECK:  I didn't make my end-year goal of finishing my last two UFO's, so there's no real reason to think I'll get anywhere with this list, but who knows?  A knitting miracle may occur.  And some of these goals could actually be combined in one project, as you'll see.  So, in no particular order — and mostly just to have it documented — I hereby bravely unveil the list:

  1. Make felted slippers for me — after I repair the soles of DH's pair, somehow.
  2. Maybe make another set of fingerless mitts, since I seem to wear the one pair fairly frequently.
  3. Make a cardigan similar to this Cropped Cardigan by Nashua (first row, far right) except perhaps not quite as cropped, and without the unfortunate placement of the pattern st change right at the bustline.  I even have yarn chosen:  a combination of a MOHAIR and a wool boucle in a lovely handpainted collection of blues and greens.
  4. Make something machine-knit.  I found a good machine-knitting book in New Zealand for, like, 50 cents or something, and I'd like to do more with that.
  5. Knit something from the pink AB MOHAIR that was a birthday gift, um, a while ago.  Possibly pair it with some glittery No Smoking and knit an old VK pattern that I've always liked.
  6. Knit something from the green MOHAIR birthday collection — I have an idea for that, but it's very hush-hush.  Because it might not work.
  7. Complete brown beaded Rowan MOHAIR shrug — I bought some beads, but they don't show up well in the swatch, and why go to all that work if you can't see the damned beads?  So I need to try some other beads before I can get going on that one.
  8. Finish the green "lion" cardi and the Rowan Biggy Print vest — both in finishing stages.
  9. Knit an unspecified number of pairs of new socks for DH.  The ones he has have started sprouting holes and thin spots more and more frequently, so it's time to get on the stick.
  10. Make a patchwork sweater made of squares in a mixture of yarns, according to a drawing that my friend Peggy gave me even longer ago than the birthday yarns.
  11. Make a short-row sweater from a pattern I purchased only last year or so.  It too calls for a mix of yarns.
  12. Make an Anny Blatt sweater that's been on the list for a while, also in multiple yarns, and multiple st patterns.  Am I sensing a theme here?
  13. Potentially make a free-form sweater, although this is kind of low on the list after all the other multi-yarn ones.
  14. Make something from the many Japanese knitting books I've been purchasing and not using.  One pattern in particular is an adorable cardigan with sort of fluffy polka dots all over it.  Gotta find the right fluffy yarn for that one, though.
  15. Recycle two ponchos that do not get worn much anymore.  One will involve multiple yarns also, à la the "Magic Ball" technique.  (Yes, I know the "m" word is in there, but that's typically what it's known as — so I bow to convention.)  This is a technique where you make your own version of something akin to the commercially available Be Sweet's Magic Ball, or Prism's Wild Stuff.   If this "Mmmph Ball" idea intrigues you, a few resources on how to do this are 1) here at Knitter's Review, 2) here and for some reason, 3) here in the Alaska Daily News.

So far, I've started on recycling the ponchos and the Mmmph Ball is becoming a raglan sweater… and I do have a pair of socks for DH on the needles…  and it's mid-February already…  Yikes!  Nothing like a stretch goal to keep you up at night.  I guess we'll just see what happens!

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