Knitting Resolutions (2009 Redux Edition)

On's knitting section, I found a poll for "What are Your Knitting Resolutions for 2009?"

OK, so it's a year out of date, but I figure things can't have changed all that much in a year.

Here are the results:  two of the more recurrent themes in my own knitting top the list — and why yes indeedy, they are just about the same as a year ago.  Why am I not surprised?  But it's good to know that I'm not alone.

  • To knit more from my stash.  (223)  20%
  • To finish my unfinished projects.  (188)  17%
  • To learn a new technique.  (160)  15%
  • To knit more often.  (144)  13%
  • To knit more for myself.  (103)  9%
  • To knit more for charity.  (99)  9%
  • To teach someone to knit.  (63)  5%
  • To join/start a knitting group.  (41)  3%
  • To learn how to knit.  (24)  2%
  • Some other answer.  (20)  1%

As a brilliant segue, let me just suggest that I actually can help out with a couple of those.  Of course, "learning new techniques" falls nicely into the Group Knitting classes I do at Garden Home Rec Center — but also, those classes can help with "knitting more often" since you have a "knitting date"!

And I take pride in the fact that I have nagged coached more than one Extreme UFO into completion — "extreme" being defined here as a UFO whose age is into double digits.  (Specifically, there was Marlene's only UFO — and then there was the one of Mary's that was old enough to drink.)

The upcoming Summer Sweater Knit-Along will help you learn how to use up that stash in a hurry!  (Disclaimer:  This is one of those "Do as I say, not as I do" things.)

I'm still mulling over my own "resolutions", which I'm thinking about as more "What do I really want to knit this year?"  To which my answer is, "Sweaters" — but specifically, which ones?  Haven't gotten that far yet, but I'll let you know when I have a short list.  I might have to hurry and pick something, because those Winter Games are coming up soon…

So — what are you knitting this year?

  2 comments for “Knitting Resolutions (2009 Redux Edition)

  1. The Pats
    01/10/2010 at 12:14 PM

    I’d add one more: “To knit with my friends”.

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