We’re So Misunderstood

How wrong can one news story be?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Here's some tidbits from a Daily Mail article just out:

If someone told you knitting was making a comeback you would probably accuse them of spinning you a yarn.

Well, no, not exactly a "comeback".  Maybe you've only just noticed?

…the once unfashionable pastime really is enjoying a boom in popularity as the global economic downturn encourages people to create their own clothes at a fraction of the cost in shops.

"Once unfashionable"?  Not in my world.

"A fraction of the cost"?  Again, not in my world.

Raise your hand if you, or someone you know, owns a pair of socks made from $30 worth of yarn.  Mmmm-hmmm.  And I defy you to find a sock shop at which that is "a fraction of the cost".  And that's not counting the work!

Co-founder [of a knitting group] Gail Downey said: 'Knitting has definitely become more glamorous and the type of people who love it are far from the traditional image of grannies.  People find it very satisfying and calming …'

OK, I'll give them this one, but they had to ask a real knitter.

Knit one, purl two

Oh, for heaven's sake.  I really need to go find that old Knitter's magazine where someone deliberately designed a rather good-looking tank top to actually use the old "knit 1, purl 2" saw.

Knitting magazine editor Emma Kennedy said the renaissance began five years ago but had accelerated recently.

I'm kind of on the bubble about this one, but I think it started a bit earlier than 5 years ago.  As for recent acceleration, I can't really say one way or the other either.  Of course, this article was written for the UK, so I guess we'll give them some slack on this.

Mrs Kennedy insisted the misshapen Christmas jumper made by a well-meaning elderly relative was no longer a fair reflection of the hobby.

This is the part that really burns me.  "Insisted"?  Why was she made to "insist"?  It all but says, "although of course, we all know she's wrong."

Guess they aren't getting any fabulous handknits from me at Yuletide.

She added: 'There are always going to be disasters but knitters tend to have a great sense of humour and will be the first to laugh at how wrong they've got something.  And there's always next time to get it right – or you can unpick and start again.'

Excuse me, Mrs. Kennedy — I'm not sure exactly who your knitting buddies are, but unless it's a bunch of well-meaning grannies — I'm pretty sure you left out the part about "swearing".

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