Oh No, Not Another Sock Summit Blog Post

Well, unless you’ve very recently come out of a coma, you’re aware that this past weekend heralded the Most Awesomely Amazing Knitting Event Ever in the History of the Universe, right here in PDX.

Of course, I am referring to the Sock Summit held at the Convention Center.

Although I am personally not much on socks, I went anyway.  I didn’t even attempt to sign up for any classes, or any other activities with regard to the Cult of All Things Sock.  About all I did was some shopping at the Marketplace — which was pretty impressively huge — and I did indeed find a couple of skeins of sock yarn for DH.

One is a dead ringer, colorwise, for his very eldest pair of handknit socks:  a pair his mother made for him several years back.  His mom chose this color on the strength of my advice that he had had a commercially made pair of socks in this color that he had worn to pieces, but for which I had been unable to find a commercial replacement.

And sure enough, this pair has gotten a LOT of wear.  Both the toes have had to be reknit by Yours Truly — I got his mom to send me the leftover original yarn, and I don’t have a whole lot of it left at this point.  What to do?

Well, "Needs must when the devil drives," as they say — whatever that means.  In this case I think it means, "You go shopping for more yarn."  Or perhaps, "Keep your eyes peeled for something similar."  I think I scored on this one!

dyedreams luster sox in dark magenta and red red wine

The old pair was in Blue Moon STR "Jasper" — the new yarn is by DyeDreams, and is a 100% Bluefaced Leicester superwash that they call "Luster Sox".  They had several other fibers available, but this one lived up to its name — it has a bit of a gleam to it that made the colors wonderfully richer than on, say, the merino.

Overall, the posse was impressed by the lovely colors at DyeDreams:  even the brightest yellows and greens were nice, as opposed to loud or gaudy, and the deep, rich colors looked good enough to eat.

DyeDreams’ tagline is "elegant hand dyed yarns and fiber" and the choice of the word "elegant" is very apt.  I especially love the saturation and smooth, relatively even color in this yarn.  Plus, the fact that it is a finer gauge yarn than the original makes it a bit more wearable for DH.

When I showed it to DH, he initially thought it was more blue or purple-y than the original pair.  When I pulled out the socks and compared, though, he had to admit it was bang on target.  Can I match colors or can I match colors?  That one is called "Dark Magenta"; above that is "Red Red Wine", which I liked so much that I may even make another pair of socks for myself, if DH doesn’t want it.  (Or maybe even if he does.  I haven’t forgotten how he stole chose that leaf green Colinette I had intended for myself.)discontinued sale yarns

Well, so much for socks.  What else did I find?

I found Premium Yarn — a booth that was selling discontinued yarns by the bag at around 4 bucks per ball, that’s what!  Clockwise from top right, we have colorful "Maya" by GGH, a ribbon "Salsa" by Drops, and two by Lana Grossa, "Erba" and "La Seta", to name-drop on the ones I purchased.  (Their website isn’t much more than a single page with a postal address, but I gather I am on their email list now.  I’ll let you know how that works out.)

Sure, about half of it was funky colors — which are usually the ones that suit me — but in the Drops ribbon, for example, I remember there was some white, some black and white, a jazzy sort of red, and a very pretty pale blue.  So while the booth’s display overall was not exactly eye-catching, it was worth stopping and doing a bit of digging!

That pale pink in the upper left is very soft and I think it will make a nice T-shirt style, someday…

I kind of can’t believe I BOUGHT MORE YARN, but it was such a smokin’ deal!!

What else?  We strolled through the sock museum, which had reproductions of various sock styles through the ages.  Included was a pair of baby booties knit by Barbara Walker herself, at some crazy tiny little gauge.

I also did stand in the book-signing line long enough to pay my respects to Ms. Walker, and I thanked her for all that she did to make life easier for us knitters.  I didn’t have any of my books with me for signing, but that’s OK.  She shook my hand.  That was enough.  (And NO, I didn’t bring up the error that I suspect is in the Flame Ribbing pattern stitch.)

  2 comments for “Oh No, Not Another Sock Summit Blog Post

  1. The Pats
    08/12/2009 at 4:21 PM

    LOVE the DyeDreams yarn. I bought some too! I had no idea the BFL was so much softer and shinier (shiney-er) than merino. I lurv it!

  2. The Pats
    08/13/2009 at 7:34 PM

    You realize that this is actually an endorsement!
    You rarely wax poetic about any yarn that is not:
    b)mohair or
    c)pink mohair.
    Wow, Dye Dreams is sure lucky!

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