A Bunny Dilemma!

OK, so I went and got white pom-poms and some bunny eyes last night.

But Houston – we have a problem.

The original eyes of Hip and Hop are pink with black centers, 18 mm diameter, with little radial lines or "veins" in them.  The poor furry little guys have been sadly abused over the years, so Hip and Hop have cataracts now — I told you they were elderly — but believe me, the veins are there, even if you can’t see them well in the photos.

original eyeeye closeupjoann brown eyes and poms

The local Joann’s didn’t have pink eyes, so I picked up a couple of packages of 20 mm brown eyes — on the theory that having something is better than having nothing.  Plus, they were like a buck apiece.

Pros:  cheap; already in my possession.

Cons:  very unlike the original eyes.

Today, I stopped by a local doll shop to inquire about pink eyes, and they had nothing to offer, either in the way of pink eyes, or other places to find them.


The Internet to the rescue, of course!

So, I started looking online for pink eyes.  After a couple of solid hours of searching, here’s what I found:

ebay pink eyes

On Ebay, I can get a package of one hundred forty-four pink veined eyes, 19mm, for around $11 with shipping.  (And I will sell you the 140 leftover eyes for $10.)

Pros:  these are the most like the originals, with the veins.

Cons:  what the heck am I going to do with 140 extra pink bunny eyes? 


etsy shop eyes

On Etsy, there is a seller who is showing these eyes, 18mm, in a pkg of 5 pairs for about $6.00.  I’m assuming I could get them to sell me just a couple of pairs of pink ones — but worst case, I could buy 2 sets of them.

Pros:  similar to the originals, but without the veins; would only have at worst 8 extra sets of eyes.

Cons:  do not have the veins.

So — what’s a girl to do? 

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  3 comments for “A Bunny Dilemma!

  1. sandy elardo
    07/24/2008 at 4:12 PM

    To me the veiny eyes look too anatomically correct or like a drunk bunny. The pink eyes (choice 3) look more cartoonish (cuter).

  2. 07/25/2008 at 7:06 PM

    You don’t want bunnies on your feet that look like they are strung out. The veins are creepy.

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