Not Exactly Juvenile, but Delinquent

Good heavens.  It’s been a week and a half.  I’m a delinquent blogger.

According to the thesaurus, you could also say, "behindhand, derelict, disregardful, heedless, inattentive, indifferent, lax, lazy, negligent, regardless, remiss, slack, thoughtless, uncaring, unmindful".

Welll…  thoughtless?  uncaring?  No, no.  Let’s call it "unmotivated" and blame it on the computer class I’ve signed up for, at which I hope to learn stuff that will enable me to restructure the whole of and Polar Bear Patterns in a much more useful way.  The closer the class gets, the less inclined I am to spend time on the current setup.  And the class is next Monday.

I am hopeful that exciting things will then begin to happen.

Not to say that there haven’t been a few exciting things happening in the past, oh, 12 days or so.

For one thing, there was this!

tasul the polar bear

This is Tasul, one of the two polar bears at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.  DH and I signed up for a photography class which was described as including "tips on how to get good shots through glass" at the polar bear exhibit.

Two days prior, we got an email saying that we had permission to go "behind the scenes" in the polar bear exhibit!!

It was amazing.  We were about 30 feet above the polar bears:  no glass, no bars, no fences.  And it turns out, polar bears like cream cheese.

lion cardi from cruella's, nelson, NZ

Another thing that’s been going on is that I got started on this project:  the "Lion Cardi" which I purchased at Cruella’s, in Nelson, New Zealand.

I had an idea that this nice spongy wool bouclé might be tricky to count stitches in, so when I did my gauge swatch(es), I put in a piece of white cotton scrap yarn to delineate the 17 sts I was hoping would measure 4".

lion cardi swatch

And looky there!  Well, this is actually swatch #3.  But I got there in the end.

measuring lion cardi swatch

This finally got rolling on the 6th, and as of the 22nd, we were blocking the back and two fronts. 

blocking lion cardi

In case you are wondering, in this picture the bottom part of the back is a lighter color because it isn’t wet.  I had already blocked the back after getting somewhere past the armhole shaping, to verify that things were going according to plan.  So I didn’t totally re-block it.  (After all, I had run out of T-pins.)

I am loving the shape of it, especially the neckline.  I plan to put clear plastic snaps on the floofy collar and cuffs to attach them to the sweater, rather than sewing them on, because to be honest I am just not sure how practical those fringed cuffs are going to be.  To that end, I did not follow the directions that said to discontinue the 5-st garter bands on the fronts once you get to that shapely neckline — I continued it all the way to the top.

I also don’t love where the buttonhole ended up, which you can’t see here — but trust me, it’s weird.  And the fronts aren’t designed to overlap, anyway, so I am going to close up that buttonhole with a spare piece of yarn, and instead add a loop, a hanging plastic snap, or a hook and eye. 

Last night I did the shoulder seams, basted the side seams together and held my breath.  For fitting purposes, I overlapped the fronts a teeny bit and used a glove needle to hold them together…

trying on lion cardi


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