Not Yarn!

Can you blame me for getting all excited when I saw this from the highway on the way into Christchurch??  knitworks frontI mean, they have live alpacas out front, for cryin’ out loud.

Unfortunately, the sign is quite misleading, in my opinion.  In fact, I have found out that there are a lot of places in New Zealand that have the nerve to include words such as "KNIT", "WOOL" or even "YARN" in their name, but really have nothing to do with yarn.  Or at least, not much to do with the kind of yarn that matters.






knitworks yarn Unfortunately, what they sell here is mainly finished garments, not yarn.  This is the sum total of all the actual yarn in the place.  The basket in the front is full of merino/possum blend, which I am mostly disappointed in.  Most of what I have found seems to be spun rather tightly, which makes it a lot less soft than I hoped.  Maybe it blooms when you knit it?  Dunno.





knitworks knitting machine

This shop did have a really cool old knitting machine, on which they did knit lots of garments.  Well, from the boxes of garment parts lying around, I suspect they really just assembled the garments with it.  But it is still pretty cool looking.


But things get better after this!  Just you wait and see!

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