OK, I admit it — this blogging "on the road" thing is a little harder than I thought it would be.  The main problem we are encountering is with accessing the "hotspots".  While there are plenty of them, it seems like practically each and every "hotspot" is owned by a different internet access company.  So, you either have to (a) choose one, buy an account and then find hotspots to go with it or (2) pick your hotspot, then buy yet another card or account in order to access it.

But enough about my global internet troubles.  Let’s talk about some YARN!

For New Year’s Eve, we had made plans to spend it in the city of Dunedin, and meet up with an online friend, Kim.  This worked out splendidly.  Initially we met up with Kim in the city center — or "centre" as they spell it here — and had some lunch and some "face time".  Then we did a bit of shopping.

The center of Dunedin (which is pronounced doon-EED-in) is in the shape of an octagon, and is thus referred to imaginatively as "The Octagon".  There are quite a few touristy shops in and around the Octagon, including a bead shop — which turned out to be one of the three branches of the same one I visited in Queenstown, so I didn’t spend a lot of time in there.  Where I did spend time was in a yarn shop just off the Octagon! 

Knit World: 26 The Octagon, Dunedin, NZ

Knit World: 26 The Octagon, Dunedin

Quite an array!  They had a mix of everything:  some familiar names, such as Patons, and a lot of Rowan down at the far end, which you might just be able to make out the word on the blue sign.

The gauge "system" they use here is incredibly confusing.  8-ply, 4-ply, 2-ply — what the heck does the number of plies matter?  But then they also use terms like DK, baby wool, and so on.

So much to choose from!  The beginnings of yarn overload panic.  I think I ended up buying both of those balls of yarn in my hands, as well as a few more…  OK, quite a few more.

So much to choose from!

The things I give up for my friends.The things I give up for my friends!  Just look at these great big fluffy skeins of beautiful Touch Yarns — pink MOHAIR and matching wool boucle!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy this yarn, because I happen to have a box of equally beautiful pink Anny Blatt mohair at home that certain people would remind me was a birthday present almost TWO YEARS AGO — before they killed me.








Touch Yarns -- blue boucle, rust boucle, natural possum.

So, I bought these other beautiful skeins of Touch Yarns instead — blue boucle, rust boucle, natural possum.  The possum yarn on the right was the first and frankly, so far, the only possum yarn I found that I would buy.  Most of what I’ve found so far has not really been all that soft.

And I bought some sock yarns for DH — navy, rust & cordovan.  I admit these aren’t anything spectacular, but so far the pickings have been slim.  I figured I had to let him pick out some kind of sock yarn.  And see what I ended up having to buy?  See how much I love him?  NAVY BLUE!!  I ask you.

Sock Yarns for DH



Oh, and here’s the first sweater’s worth of yarn I bought in NZ (or as they say here, a "jumper lot").

You may get the idea from that word "first" that there’s more to come.  Oh, yes, indeedy.  Just you wait till you see what I found in Nelson.

Aspire yarn -- A sweater's worth

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