Not Guilty, Your Honor

Oh, boy.  It’s been, like, a week and a half.  What happened to blogging?

Well, I’ll tell you what happened to blogging.  Life happened, that’s what.  That, and as I mentioned recently, knitters wanting knitting lessons have reappeared this fall with a vengeance.  In the past month, my teaching hours each week have been up 50-70% from the previous month.  Yeah, that cuts into the blogging time a tad bit — let alone the knitting time.

Add to that a VIP cat with a urinary tract infection that showed up late last Friday, when our regular vet was out of town, etc etc, blah blah blah, so on and so forth.

OK, now that the excuses are out of the way, the biggest news I have to tell you is:  I’m no longer feeling too guilty about the lack-of-handknit-socks-for-DH situation.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to knit socks all over New Zealand — that is too good a plan to change, I think.  But I have definitely gotten over the guilt.

At the time — was it only two weeks ago? — I was feeling so bad, I actually started him a brand-new pair.  And not only that, I let him pick out the yarn and the stitch pattern.

So first of all, he selects a lovely green Colinette Jitterbug — “Velvet Leaf” — which frankly, I had purchased for myself.

(Yes, I know you know that I don’t really like handknit socks for myself.  And I know you also know that it would be foolish of you to think that means I don’t buy myself sock yarn anyway.)

I tried to get him to choose the Dream In Colors Smooshy, in the taupe-y, grey-ish, manly color I had purchased especially for him — after all, his usual wardrobe color choices are black, grey and blue, with a little brown and some white.  He doesn’t even wear red.

But no, he chooses the lovely, lush, leafy green.  Fine.

Next, we move on to the pile of Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries, and the Japanese stitch dictionaries, and a few other stitch dictionaries — which he flips through maybe two of them.  Aaaaaaand he picks out a funky diamond-shaped ribbing thing.  (Which, to be fair, does look pretty cool.)  But, having offered up a plethora of knitting possibilities to try to assuage my guilt please him, there I am going, “Are you sure?  You haven’t looked at this book yet…”

Can you believe he asked WHY he would need to look at any more stitch dictionaries???

OK, so we turn our backs on the plethora of fascinating knitting possibilities.  Twenty+ years of honing my craft has been reduced to a lousy ten minutes of browsing stitch patterns.  Fine.

I cast on the toes and get motoring up to 72 sts, to fit the pattern stitch multiple.  Oh, and I decide to do both socks at once, for whatever crazy reason — probably just to punish myself some more.  Two socks on two circs.  (No, it’s NOT “magic loop”, thankyouverymuch.)

Turns out that 72 sts is, of course, TOO BIG.

So now what?  Well, it’s rip back two partial socks, get them back down to 64 sts apiece, and put ’em back on the two circs.  And then I get the fun of cutting the st pattern down from a multiple of 18 sts to a multiple of 16 sts.  Well, heck, I’m an Excel goddess and a former engineer.  No problem!

But of course, I’m teaching all hours of the day and night.  So I end up taking it to one of my group classes, and doing it with a pencil on graph paper during a lull in the festivities.  Well, still not really a problem.

I have a vague recollection that somewhere along the line in all of this, and it seems like it was probably late at night, I started doing the pattern stitch all the way around the foot, instead of leaving half of it in plain stock.  I think that was back on one of the 72-st versions — lucky for DH mercifully, it’s all starting to blur together a little bit.

OK, so anyway:  now we got 64 sts, and a new pattern stitch chart.  Once again I get going on the feet, and soon it dawns on me that halfway through the first pattern rep, the whole thing shifts over by 3 sts — and back again after the second half.

Well, this wouldn’t be much of a problem either, really — except that I’m doing two socks at once on two circs, remember — and while I won’t go into details, it turns out that moving 3 sts from the front half to the back half, or vice versa, is an incredible pain when there’s a whole freakin’ other sock in the way.

At this point, you’d have thought I’d have put one sock on hold, and switched back to dpns, or something, wouldn’t you?  But no, I’m tough.  I throw a couple of dpns into the project bag to use when the big switcheroo occurs, and I soldier on.

Then the socks sit for about a week while I feverishly work on the yoke of my raglan sweater for the Friday Group Knitalong.  Fresh helping of guilt, anyone?

So yesterday, when I had a couple of hours between appointments, I grabbed the Bag o’ Socks from Hell, thinking that now all the design issues have been worked out, and my sweater yoke is finished, so I could finally get some lovely, peaceful knitting time in.

And when I sat down and pulled out the socks, I was reminded how the last time I worked on them, one of the circs BROKE OFF at the metal base.

Well, I am sitting in a knitting shop.  BUT — this shop doesn’t have bamboo circs in size 1 — only Addi turbos — which I despise.  Sigh.  So much for getting any knitting done.

At some point in all of this, I showed the socks in progress to DH, and he tried them on and said they fit fine and they look cool and, “How come they’re both the same?  Shouldn’t one be a mirror image of the other?”

You’d believe me if I said I haven’t been able to blog because I only just got out on bail, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Sheryl
    11/23/2008 at 9:04 AM

    Maybe these could become a PB pattern, after all, look at all the work you’ve put into them!

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