What are you doing on Saturday?

If you have time to knit a swatch this evening, you can join me for Knitty Gritty tomorrow, Saturday 6/7, 10-12pm  We all make mistakes now and again, but don't let that stop your knitting in its tracks.  Learn to fix several common mistakes in this class, where you will bring a practice swatch on the needles, and we will wreck it and fix it.  Never fear a dropped stitch again!    (All skill levels)

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Upcoming Classes, June 2014

It has really been a blast these past three months, reconnecting with some familiar faces that I had not seen in up to a decade! but it hasn't left much time for typing.  I've just been too darned busy to blog, and I think this list of upcoming classes proves it. So without further ado, here's what's on my teaching schedule for June (and what's left of May).

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Almost Famous

Wow, it looks like my little blog made the Oregonian! A really nice article appeared today about Nitro Knitters.  So, if you arrived here by that route, welcome.

I feel like it might be a good idea to explain that this isn't exactly your typical knitting blog.  This site grew out of my previous teaching life, when I taught at various locations in and around Beaverton.  I needed one place where I could list all the classes and locations I was teaching, and this was it.  So you'll find a certain amount of outdated class listings here, if you browse in chronological order.  But in between those, though, there is some good stuff.  For example, on the sidebar, down on the right side, you'll see that my post about the "yo-yo" sock heel has been viewed a few (tens of thousands!!) times.  And hiding back in the mists of time are informative posts like how to Kitchener without a tapestry needle.

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Snow Daze

Well.  Here we are on our third day of being more-or-less housebound in the PDX area, due to roughly a foot of snowfall.  (I know, a foot of snow doesn't stop most of the country in its tracks, but it is a rarity for us.)  DH is going stir-crazy, although the Olympics have helped a bit with the boredom factor.

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Nitro Knitters About To Blast Off

Calling all knitters… A new shop is about to open in South Beaverton, OR.

The official Grand Opening of "Nitro Knitters" will start on Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb 14th, and continue over the weekend.

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What Do You Mean, It’s 2014 Already?


My goodness, where does the time go?


OK, yes, the blog died. If any of you remember where we left off, I was knitting the Paloma tee. It ended up fitting OK, but it looked terrible when it was finished, and I decided I didn't like the yarn anyway. At least, I didn't like the color. So, it got frogged and overdyed into a nice blue-green color, and I swear I took a picture of it, but I'm damned if I can find it now.

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