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You can also call or text me at 503.347.8678.

Happy Knitting!

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Hats and Classes

IMG_20150910_201227_kindlephoto-1617129 I’ve just finished up a couple of hats as class samples, so I thought I’d share!

First up:  a slouchy, ribby, fashion-forward adult hat.  The pattern is “Super Cupcake” by ChicKnits, and it uses the K1B method to create the stitch pattern that she calls Shaker Rib, but is also known as Brioche Stitch, and those of us who remember the 80’s called it Fisherman’s Rib.

This project is an easy way to start experimenting with combining yarns in a project.  I used Bumblebirch Forage for the bottom ribbing (the “cake”) and Malabrigos Rio for the slouchy crown in Shaker Rib (the “frosting”).  I also added about a half inch of extra slouch, as per the pattern instructions.

IMG_20150910_201257_kindlephoto-6212354This class will be held twice before the holidays, on October 6 and again on November 17, at Nitro Knitters.  The pattern also includes a matching cowl for a great holiday gift set!


The next project is a cute kid’s hat, knit at a bulky gauge so it goes super-quick.  This is done in a bulky Hayfield yarn which is quite economical – you could get 2 baby size hats out of one ball for $7.00!   The pattern is “Chouette” which translates from French both as “owl” and as “something cool”.  And it includes adult sizes too!

In this class you’ll learn the basics of reading a chart, although the pattern also includes written-out directions so you can take your pick.  There are about half a dozen cables to shape the owl, so we’ll do a thorough explanation of cables as well.

IMG_20150911_215600_kindlephoto-5318181This class will also be held twice before the holidays, on October 20 and again on December 8.  And, I will have button packs available in class that include the buttons I used for the features.  WHOO will you make it for?


CLASS INFO:  The location is Nitro Knitters (http://nitroknitters.com).  Each class is 2 hours and the cost is $25.

I linked the October dates in the post, so if you click on those words you will go to the website page for the class.  You can sign up online, or call the shop at (503) 372-9318, or drop in and sign up in person.  The November and December classes are not on their website yet but I will link to them as they become available.


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One of my knitters has been fostering a mama dog from Indigo Rescue.  And I got to go see the PUPPIES!

TEN PUPPIES!20150808_175219

They are up on Petfinder right now!

You know you want one!  The pleading little eyes, the round, soft tummies. They were also very warm. Just sayin’.

They are listed as Husky & German Shorthaired Pointer Mix, but we see a lot of Rottie and even some little speckled feet that look like Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler.

The Rock Star puppies are: Shakira, Seal, Rihanna, Moby, Coco, Bono, Beyoncé, Adèle, and Beck.  Pretty sure this little baby is Adèle.  Mom is also on there, a little further down the page — her name is Loki.

Aw, go on, take a look. Just a look can’t hurt…  😉

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Gift Baby Sweater – class dates correction

It has come to my attention that the dates for the Gift Baby Sweater were mixed up, both on the shop website and in my last post (where I copied and pasted the dates from the shop website).

The correct dates are TUESDAYS 8/4, 8/11, and 8/18.

If you are interested in the class, please email me directly, as the shop is closed today, and the class listing has been taken off the website.

Sorry for the confusion!  I expect to offer the class again in the fall, if you miss it this time.

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Gift Baby Sweater

IMG_20150721_122148_kindlephoto-249361707I just finished this cute baby sweater as an example for an upcoming class at Nitro Knitters.

The pattern is free on Ravelry, called "My Gift to You" because it is the designer's 300th pattern.  300 patterns!  Holy cow!

And it is a pretty fun knit!  The only real flaw is that when knit as written, the last repeat of the textured pattern wants to flip up around the bottom edge (not so much on the sleeves).  So if I were to do this again using this stitch pattern, I’d finish with either an inch of the 1 x 1 rib, or garter stitch, like this knitter did.


Other than that minor issue, I really like it.  The asymmetrical opening adds a super-cute touch.  I used some colorful worsted weight yarn I already had, but you could really knit it in anything washable and worsted weight.  If I didn't already have a yarn shop in my house, I'd have knit it in this cute "crayon" washable wool by Plymouth (available at Nitro).

Ravelry shows some nice customizing that others have done, including color blocking and changing the textured stitch pattern.  I have to confess that I didn't 100% love knitting the stitch that is in the pattern:  not that it was difficult in any way, but it wasn't all that easy to "read" and keep track of.  I am a lazy knitter at heart and I like to keep things simple for myself!

So, in class, we will discuss how to change the pattern up to use other stitch patterns, including the MMMATH you need to do it.  Don't worry, it will be pretty painless, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to.  But hey, you might learn something anyway if you join us!  Class dates are Tuesdays, 8/6, 8/13, and 8/20 8/4, 8/11, and 8/18.  See you there!

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New Pattern Release: Two-Tone Mobius Cowl

I just published my newest pattern, Two-Tone Mobius Cowl, over on Ravelry.com!

If TK001_MobiusCowl_2TK001_MobiusCowl_1you're thinking, "yeah, but that mobius cast-on is SO confusing and difficult" — guess what?  I've fixed that problem.  If you’ve been frustrated by the “popular” version of the mobius cast-on, try mine instead. Knit two rows, perform three simple steps (shown with photos), and you’re off and knitting!

I also have an upcoming class at Nitro Knitters on Tuesday, 7/21/2015, if you want to learn this straight from the source.

You'll need something called "ravel cord" (which I will provide in class), but any strong, smooth string that can be pulled through your stitches will do.  Slippery nylon or rayon is best, but knitters have successfully used crochet cotton, fishing line, and even dental floss as substitutes!

This pattern is so flexible, you could knit it a dozen times between now and the holidays, and never get bored.  Use any pairing of light-to-medium weight yarns that contrast in color, texture, gauge, or all three.  Since a mobius is knit from the center outwards, using a gradient yarn, or several yarn changes, creates beautiful symmetry with very little effort.

What are you waiting for?  Go get your twist on!


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